UKIP Assembly leader faces Senedd ban over video depicting Labour AM as barmaid

Assembly members will be asked later this week to ban UKIP's Gareth Bennett from the Senedd for seven days. It's the recommendation of the standards committee following an investigation into a video that Mr Bennett posted online, entitled "The Rabid Dogs of Brexit". In it he portrayed the Labour AM Joyce Watson as a barmaid.

Mid and West Wales AM Joyce Watson was depicted as a barmaid in Gareth Bennett's video. Credit: Senedd TV

The Acting Standards Commissioner, Douglas Bain, found that Mr Bennett had breached the Assembly's Dignity and Respect policy. Mr Bain was brought in as Acting Commissioner after an initial finding by the Standards Commissioner that the video was not sexist.

Gareth Bennett is a member of the standards committee, although he played no part in considering the report into his conduct. It's recommended that in addition to the one week ban he is replaced as a committee member. Mr Bennett walked out of his first interview with the standards commissioner and the committee says he should pay the £500 cost of arranging a second interview.