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Inside the secret warehouse stockpiling NHS supplies in preparation for no-deal Brexit

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Four million pounds worth of NHS supplies have been stockpiled at a warehouse in south east Wales in preparation for Brexit.

The Welsh Government bought the warehouse, which is in a 'secret' location, as part of its Brexit planning.

It contains crates of medical gloves, swabs for x-rays to baked beans and tinned tomatoes. Mark Roscrow, Director of Procurement of NHS Wales, said the supplies would typically last eight weeks:

It's about 47,000 square feet, that's about 5,000 pallets, it represents around 1700 product lines. At the moment the stock value is about £4m and that's typically about eight weeks of stock that would normally be used in that sort of period across the whole of NHS Wales.

Its everything from medical items - syringes, dressing, needles, cleaning materials, through to toilet rolls - the sort of thing the NHS relies on day in day out to operate. Most of it comes from abroad and that's preparation for the event of a no-deal Brexit.

– Mark Roscrow, Director of Procurement of NHS Wales
Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The £11m warehouse stocks what Vaughan Gething calls 'critical items.

Last week, the Health Minister - who is outspoken in favour of remaining in the EU - confirmed the purchase. But today he said he was 'appalled' that the Welsh Government has been forced into buying extra should the UK crash out of the European Union:

I'm appalled it's come to this, I'm deeply frustrated, we're spending lots our resources on stockpiling basic equipment, basic needs for our health and social care system, and that we're spending millions of pounds of national health service capital on acquiring a large warehouse.

– Vaughan Gething AM
Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

On Wednesday night, MPs voted to force the Prime Minister to further delay the date of Brexit - by just one vote - in a bid to avoid no-deal.

If the bill is passed by the House of Lords, it means the UK will not crash out of the EU with no-deal on April 12, so long as an extension is approved by Brussels.

It will allow Parliament to determine the length of extension which Theresa May would request at the EU summit next Wednesday.

However if the European Council proposes a different extension, Mrs May would have to return to the Commons for MPs' approval.

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