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Grieving mother warns of risk of online dating after daughter Katherine Smith stabbed to death by new boyfriend

Katherine Smith was just 26 when she died Credit: Family photo

A grieving mother has spoken about the potential dangers of online dating after her daughter was killed by her new boyfriend.

Katherine Smith was found dead in her flat in Cardiff in September 2017.

ITV cameras followed the case conducted by South Wales Police’s major crime unit as part of the network crime series Code Blue: Murder.

Katherine, 26, met Tony Lowe after chatting online. They began dating and were engaged five weeks later.

The initial alarm was raised by Katherine’s mother when she was unable to contact her despite repeated phone calls.

The body of Katherine Smith was found at a flat in the Ely area of Cardiff Credit: ITV/Code Blue

I saw three people coming towards us, and my words to them were, ‘Don’t say anything’s happened to her.’ And they just looked [at me]. And I just screamed the place down. I close my eyes and all I can see is Katherine trying to get to me.

– Debbie Smith, Katherine's mum
Katherine's mother Debbie wants to warn others about the risks that can come with online dating Credit: ITV/Code Blue
  • The investigation
Detectives identified Katherine's boyfriend Tony as the lead suspect Credit: ITV/Code Blue

As the investigation is launched, detectives identify her boyfriend of six weeks, Anthony Lowe as their key suspect – but Lowe has gone missing.

Forensic teams examine evidence from the crime scene Credit: ITV/Code Blue

Officers begin tracking Lowe’s mobile phone and locate it in the neighbouring police area of Bristol where he is still sending text messages to Katherine’s family.

Police discover Lowe is still sending text messages to Katherine's family

Cameras follow as detectives race to Bristol to arrest him - as they pick up a text in which he threatens to take his own life.

After a dramatic takedown outside a supermarket in Weston-super-mare, Lowe is arrested and taken back to South Wales, where cameras follow as he is taken into custody and interviewed by police.

Lowe submits a statement to detectives saying that after an argument Katherine had punched him and he had headbutted her, before he left the house. He denies stabbing her and says another person has keys to Katherine’s flat.

Lowe is arrested and questioned on suspicion of murder Credit: ITV/Code Blue

While Lowe is in custody, detectives continue to uncover more truths about Tony Lowe.

They discover he is ten years older than he said he was and had a history of violence against women.

She was obviously very smitten by this individual who can be very calculated and dominant in how he dealt with her. And tragically, she met her death at the hands of Lowe and she didn't really know who he was.

– DCI Rob Cronick, South Wales Police
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