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Help offered to Welsh businesses to protect against cybercrime

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Police and academics are offering help to Welsh businesses to tackle the 'increasing' threat from cybercrime.

Dyfed Powys Police and Aberystwyth University are hosting a joint event today to advise businesses on what they can do to protect themselves online.

Police say online hacking, fraud and blackmail are an 'increasingly common' problem for businesses in Wales and attacks are becoming more sophisticated.

The internet makes businesses vulnerable to both internal (from employees) and external attacks.

These can come in different forms like fake emails designed to steal sensitive information or 'Ransomware', which is a malicious software that shuts down your computer system until you comply with the attackers demands - usually for money.

Anthony Evans, Detective Chief Inspector of Dyfed Powys Police, said 'prevention is better than cure'.

This is a unique opportunity in Mid & West Wales to make sure business owners are equipped and prepared to protect their businesses against these increasingly common crimes – and prevention is better than cure.

It’s important to us to support businesses in these increasingly challenging times in respect of threats by providing this type of event to make sure they are equipped to face these challenges head on.

Therefore I’d encourage businesses to take up this opportunity – it could be the best thing you do for the company this year.

– Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Evans

Dyfed Powys Police and Aberystwyth University are hosting a free event today for businesses at Aberystwyth University, which aims to give information and advice about the risks posed to businesses online.