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'Little or no progress' in tackling obesity in Wales

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The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has accused the Welsh Government of making "little or no progress" on tackling obesity in Wales.

The comments come as the government lays out its draft strategy to prevent and reduce obesity following a public consultation.

The RCP claimed the government's draft plans do not go "far enough" and do not explain how it aims to help those who are already obese.

Without health board investment in specialist services, we will continue to see a rise in hospital admissions for obesity-related conditions.

That's why I'm disappointed to see that we're still waiting for the Welsh government to explain how they're going to help people who are already obese.

Wales has the highest childhood obesity rates in the UK - we are already at crisis point.

Health boards were told to implement the all Wales obesity pathway almost a decade ago, but we've seen very little or no progress in most parts of the country.

– Dr Gareth Llewelyn, RCP Vice President for Wales

RCP Cymru Wales say it wants people with obesity to have better access to specialist treatment and for each health board to appoint an obesity lead.

It says the Welsh Government should hold health boards to account over their duty to provide a full obesity treatment pathway.

Obesity can put people at risk of stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. Credit: Cancer Research UK

A Welsh Government spokesperson said it welcomes the Royal College of Physicians' contribution.

Our consultation on Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales sets out how we can support and enable people to make healthy food and activity choices.

We have started a review of the obesity pathway and will be working closely with Local Health Boards and partners on this.

This will take on board a wide range of views and we welcome the Royal College of Physicians contribution to the consultation.

– Welsh Government Spokesperson

The consultation closes today and the final strategy will be published in October.