Free sanitary products for schools across Wales

First Minister Mark Drakeford has pledged to help "bring period poverty to an end" as free sanitary products are made available in schools across Wales.

A £2.3 million 'Period Dignity Grant for Schools' has been announced, promising to provide over 141,000 girls and young women with free sanitary products.

As well as being free-of-charge, products will be made accessible in the most practical and appropriate way possible.

A range of products will be freely available in both primary and secondary schools across the country. England recently announced such provisions in secondary schools only.

Schools will also be encouraged to support reusable, environmentally sustainable products.

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Announcing the funding, First Minister Mark Drakeford said his Government was "committed to supporting period dignity and maintaining our investment in schools to help bring period poverty to an end".

Education Minister Kirsty Williams added: "It’s unthinkable that young women could be forced to miss days of their education simply because they can’t access or afford period products".

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