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Welsh reality TV star Jude Cisse speaks out after sons face racial 'abuse' online

Reality television star Jude Cisse has spoken out against racism on social media and in football. It comes after she says her sons have faced racist attacks.

The Anglesey born star says her 13-year-old son was targeted on social media and sent "crude racial comments".

Jude Cisse has three sons with her ex-husband, footballer Djibril Cisse. Credit: PA

Jude Cisse starred in S4C's 'Y WAG ar Wyliau', a reality television show about being married to a footballer.

On Instagram the business woman and television personality posted:

"People aren’t born with a stigma to Race, Religion, Age, Sexuality or Culture! Our children are the next generation, if I told my children to ignore these matters then what kind of example as a Parent would I be setting... surely it would be like telling them that this kind of behaviour is acceptable!!!"

Addressing recent headlines about racism in football, Miss Cisse said:

"You're going to a stadium, you're buying your ticket, you know that you are going to watch possibly black people play football so if you have a problem with it - don't go".

She added: "It doesn't make any sense to me".

Speaking to ITV News, the 43-year-old said:

"If there is the evidence of racism during a match, then surely the referee, the Managers, they should stop the game - remove the person that's being abusive or offensive - and continue."

"It's the only way it's going to set an example to everybody else".