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Mum praises NHS after girl's severed finger is saved and sewn back on

Lexi's mum Kelly said medical staff were 'just brilliant' Credit: Kelly Probert-Wilmott

A mother has praised the NHS staff who saved her daughter's severed finger after she slammed it in a door while playing at home.

Kelly Probert-Wilmott said her daughter Lexi, 5, came into the living room on Sunday and told her she had cut her finger off.

"She was crying, like children do when they fall over, but she wasn't hysterical or anything," said Kelly.

"Then I saw her finger with a bone hanging out and it was like a horror movie. It was horrible."

She said her son had to pick it up off the floor to keep it away from the dog.

Doctors say they hope Lexi's young age will help her nerves and blood vessels to heal Credit: Kelly Probert-Wilmott

The family were rushed to the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport with the finger, which had been wrapped in paper.

Kelly said doctors quickly sprung into action and made arrangements for the finger to be reattached at Morriston Hospital in Swansea.

She said surgeons were waiting for them to arrive and reattached the finger over an hour and a half surgery.

"At four o'clock the finger was off and it was back on by quarter past nine," Kelly said.

"I just thought the medical staff were just brilliant.

"We didn't even go in the waiting room we were straight in the bed."

Kelly said doctors hope Lexi's young age will help her nerves and blood vessels heal, but further treatment may be necessary.