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North Wales chocolatier sells easter egg for £1,500

Mark and Emma Baravelli

A pair of chocolatiers are transforming easter eggs into works of art at their shop in Conwy.

The intricately designed eggs take hours of work to create but if you want to tuck into one this weekend they could set you back up to £1,500.

The giant easter egg is being sold for £1,500

Emma and Mark Baravelli's designs have proved such a hit that they are being sold at Fortnum and Mason in London. A fixture in Piccadilly since 1707, Fortnum and Mason remains a destination for anyone in search of fine food - with famous customers including the Queen, Prince of Wales and Charles Dickens.

Emma, who runs Baravelli's in Conwy, with her husband Mark, has been working 12-hour days to fulfil Fortnum’s order of 210 eggs that have been hand-painted with a choice of three styles to chose from – a chick, chicken or a cockerel. They cost £85 each.

The giant egg, which Emma says it took her a week to complete, has a price tag of £1,500.

''It was quite nerve-racking packing the giant egg for Fortnum's,'' Emma said.

''Luckily it got there in one piece and we've been down to see it and it looks really good.

We've been told that quite a few celebs have bought the Fortnum eggs but the member of staff who told us wasn't allowed to say who.''