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Meet the Valleys kids turned high-fashion models

The photographs have been praised by Vogue Credit: Clementine Schneidermann

A group of young fashionistas from Merthyr Tydfil and Brynmawr have taken the fashion world by storm after appearing in a series of photographs.

The photographs have been shared widely, including in the fashion magazine Vogue which described the series as ''taking fashion out of its ivory tower.''

The photographs feature in an exhibition in Bristol Credit: Clementine Schneidermann

The group are part of a fashion forward project run by photographer Clementine Schneidermann and creative director Charlotte James.

With their help, the young people designed their own outfits and posed for photographs on the streets of Merthyr Tydfil and Brynmawr.

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Shot by Schneidermann, the photographs appear in an exhibit in Bristol titled ''It's called ffasiwn.''

For one participant, Isobel McDonald, the project did raise some eyebrows

''It was a bit mad,'' she said.

''We were going around estates and public places in our outfits so we had a couple of funny looks, but it was OK.''

It is hoped the young people will be inspired to pursue a career in fashion Credit: Clementine Schneidermann

It is hoped the project will inspire the group to consider careers within the creative industries in future.