Archbishop of Wales: 'Churches don't exist to give elderly people something to do on a Sunday'

John Davies Credit: ITV Wales

John Davies is as familiar with a police cell as he is a church pulpit.

He used to be a criminal solicitor, representing those accused of breaking the law.

These days he has a different client: God.

Elected Archbishop of Wales in 2017, he is evangelical in his mission to stand up for social justice. If that means criticising the government, then so be it.

In his first Christmas message he attacked austerity, said prisons were 'monstrously' overcrowded and the NHS was struggling to cope.

"It's all about justice. It's all about real people's lives and about how decisions taken effect them. If people in my position find that decisions being taken bring harm to others, I think we have a perfect right to say hang on a minute have you thought this through?"

A YouGov poll for ITV Cymru Wales today found 55% of people believe that Wales is a Christian country, but Archbishop Davies wonders if people know what that means.

I think the majority these days wouldn't understand sometimes what Christianity is. People do have a sense of Christian values upon which much of our society still remains based.

John Davies, Archbishop of Wales

Watch to hear John Davies' views on schools teaching about gay relationships, explain who God is and says if he thinks a woman should replace him:

John Davies wants the Church in Wales, which turns 100 next year, to get out of its comfort zone.

He doesn't want it to be a place which, as he says, gives predominantly "elderly people something to do on a Sunday." Instead he's calling for a new image.

Frankly a lot of people still see us as a bit strange whereas we're perfectly normal people who just happen to have this wonderful faith.

John Davies, Archbishop of Wales

This Easter more people will attend Church than at any other time of the year, including Christmas.

But congregations are falling. If the church is to last another century it will need more than a makeover.