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Mark Williams slams World Snooker officials after first round win

Williams criticised World Snooker at a press conference after his win Credit: PA

Defending champion Mark Williams has criticised World Snooker after booking his place in the second round of the World Championship at the Crucible.

Williams' 10-7 win over Martin Gould was overshadowed after an incident before the match. The 44-year-old claimed his 12-year-old son Kian was prevented from visiting him in his dressing room.

At a press conference after his win, Williams said it was the ''last straw.''

''They (World Snooker) have obviously got some kind of beef with me.'' he said.

''I've been having all this nonsense all season really and this morning was the last straw. My boy tried to get in to say good luck and I couldn't get him in because I'd used my two passes.

It's pathetic in my eyes. If you're the world champion you expect some kind of favour. But I wasn't going to let it play on my mind. It's only my opinion and they will say that nothing's wrong.''

The allegations were strongly denied by World Snooker. A spokesperson said Williams' son had not been denied entry to the dressing room, but pointed out that the player had chosen to give his two allocated passes to his coach and his friend.

Every player in the event is allocated two backstage passes and they can make their own decisions who to give those to. At no point were his children refused entry.

– World Snooker spokesperson

After his win, Williams will play either David Gilbert or Joe Perry in the second round of the tournament.