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Drivers across Wales wake up to dirty cars from 'Saharan dust'

Saharan dust covers cars, leaving drivers reaching for the windscreen wash Credit: PA Images

Drivers across Wales are finding that their cars might need a trip to the car wash this morning, as Saharan dust has flown in from the deserts of North Africa.

Saharan dust is a mixture of sand and dust which is suspended in the air, often bought down to the surface with rain fall.

The Met Office says Saharan dust falling is relatively common in the UK, often happening several times a year.

The dust can affect air pollution levels, as well as cause asthma sufferers to become short of breath.

Particles found in the dust are said to be small enough to get right into your lungs, making your airways inflamed and swollen. This can cause difficulties when breathing for some people.

We may even see more of Saharan dust appearing over the next few days due to the forecasted wet weather.