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Carol Vorderman calls on the Welsh to help her learn the language

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TV personality and former Countdown star, Carol Vorderman, took to Twitter on Tuesday to ask for advice on how to become ‘fluent (ish)’ in Welsh.

Vorderman, who was raised in Prestatyn by her Welsh mother and went to school in Rhyl, said that she “used to be OK at speaking Welsh,” but lost the ability when she left home to study at University of Cambridge, aged 17.

She said many of her family spoke Welsh as their first language and aims to be able to speak it conversationally again.

She appealed to her Welsh Twitter followers for advice about the best language-learning apps.

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She received multiple of replies recommending apps such as Duolingo and DailyWelshWords. YouTube channels were also suggested, including S4C Dysgu Cymraeg and that of Welsh glamour model, Jess Davies.

Voderman is not the only presenter to make recent headlines for learning Welsh.

Last month, BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine received a ten minute Welsh lesson live on-air on Saint David’s Day. It was also revealed that he had paid for ten people to take a six-month Welsh-language course.

On Wednesday, Vorderman thanked those who had given her tips.

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She wrote that she will soon be acting on the advice that she had received, but jokingly added, “but first… a paned o de (cup of tea).”