Folly Farm welcomes new penguin chicks on World Penguin Day!

It's World Penguin Day and what better way to celebrate than the unveiling of new penguin chicks!

Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire has just welcomed five new Humboldt chicks to their penguin colony. Joining the 25 adult Humboldts the farm already has.

The new arrivals are getting used to being handled.
Even penguins have to face the weighing scales sometimes.

Each year, the batches are named inventively and this year things are no different. The five new arrivals have all been named after curries!

Between them the chicks have a Massala, Peshwari, Tikki and more.

The chicks cwtching in with mum and dad.
Once they've grown a bit, the new chicks will join their family in the Penguin Pool

The chicks just need to learn to feed for themselves, then they will join the 25 Humboldt penguins and four male Macaroni penguins in the main pool.