Rare blue lobster caught off West Wales coast

Credit: Tim Harrison/Epic Fishing Trips

A striking sapphire blue lobster, thought to be as rare as one in two million, has been caught off the coast of West Wales.

Skipper Tim Harrison landed the crustacean just a mile from New Quay harbour earlier this month.

Skipper Tim Harrison said he was 'in awe of it'. Credit: Tim Harrison/Epic Fishing Trips

He described the rare event as "an epic moment".

We have never seen a Lobster this colour before, amazing sapphire blue. It's even got blue antennae, wow. It came up in one of our lobster pots that are lifted on our private trips. I guess I was a bit in awe of it, it was an epic moment, an epic catch!

Tim Harrison, Epic Fishing Trips

Lobsters are typically dark brown or grey, before turning pink when cooked.

It is unusual to see one with such exotic colourings, but there has been another similar sighting recently in North Shields, England.

Credit: Tim Harrison/Epic Fishing Trips

The lobster was photographed and then released back into the bay.

Tim says only when he was back on dry land did he realise just how rare a find it was.

"I had no idea at the time it was so rare, it's been released and is still out there somewhere!"

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