Tata restarts production following major explosion in Port Talbot

Work has returned to normal at Tata Steel following a major explosion at the site in Port Talbot.

The series of explosions happened at around 3:30am on Friday morning and came from a train carrying molten metal on the site. Two people received minor injuries but have been released following treatment.

Dramatic pictures captured the incident on a dashcam and locals reported being woken by the sound of an explosion at the steelworks.

The two blast furnaces on-site restarted on Saturday afternoon and residents were told they may experience some noise and steam emissions.

Hub director Martin Brunnock said: “Congratulations should be paid to the teams who have worked with dedication and professionalism to ensure all operations could restart in a little more than 24 hours after the incident. We have worked closely with the Health & Safety Executive onsite throughout the recovery programme.”

Supply to customers has remained uninterrupted throughout the period.

A full investigation into the cause continues.

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