All secondary schools in Wales should be teaching CPR to its pupils, the British Heart Foundation has said.

In countries like Denmark and Norway where Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is taught in all secondary schools, the BHF says survival rates as high as 25% have been reported - three times higher than in the UK.

The BHF said less than 1 in 10 people survive cardiac arrest outside hospital and this could be improved if more younger people are taught CPR.

The practice will be made compulsory in England from September 2020 - and nearly every Scottish local authority has committed to teaching CPR in their secondary schools.

CPR will be made compulsory in England in 2020

of adults believe CPR should be taught in schools (YouGov Poll 2017)

A new curriculum in Wales is to be published on Tuesday.

In response to the calls, a Welsh Government spokesperson did not commit to making it compulsory but said teachers "will be able to focus on a wide range of health and well-being topics."

Within the new curriculum, teachers will be able to focus on a wide range of Health and Well-being topics, including first aid and lifesaving skills. The British Heart Foundation have contributed towards Health and Well-being, one of the six Areas of Learning and Experience in the draft curriculum, and we will continue to work with them as the curriculum is refined.

Welsh Government spokesperson