Restaurant owner receives 'thousands of messages of support' after rules on children's behaviour sparks debate

Credit: The Mediterranean Restaurant, Llandudno

A restaurant with controversial rules on how children should behave say they have received "thousands of messages of support" after they sparked a national debate.

The Mediterranean restaurant in Llandudno asks that children "remain seated and not run around".

They also say screaming children who "cannot be stopped from disturbing other diners will be asked to leave".

The rules of the restaurant have sparked a national debate. Credit: ITV/Loose Women
The restaurant menu lists the behaviour expected of children at the venue. Credit: The Mediterranean Restaurant, Llandudno

After a customer posted the list of controversial rules to Facebook, the issue made national headlines and was the subject of a debate on ITV's Loose Women.

Janet Street Porter, whose family live in Llandudno, backed the rules fully.

ITV's Loose Women asked 'Should noisy kids be kicked out of restaurants?' Credit: ITV/Loose Women

Restaurant owner Cindy Atay says she stands by the regulations, and told ITV Wales News there is "nothing unreasonable" in what was being asked of parents.

The owner warned of the hazards children could encounter including hot plates and glass on the tables. Credit: The Mediterranean Restaurant, Llandudno

After the list of rules went viral, restaurant bosses say they have received thousands of emails and letters in support of the policy.

Owner Cindy Atay said: "We have had something like 7700 emails and letters. Only about 4 of them have been against the rules".