Welsh Water forced to delete 'meat-free' advert after backlash

Welsh Water was forced to delete a Facebook advert, which encouraged people to go 'meat-free' for a day to save water, after a backlash on Monday.

The advert, published with the hashtag #watersavingweek, included a picture of a pig being washed in a bucket of water.

It was posted on the Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Facebook page along with the caption: "Nearly one third of agricultural water use is related to animal products. Try going meat free for just one day."

Credit: Facebook

The advert was posted at around midday and was deleted around three hours later.

Before it was deleted, the post gathered a number of comments from Facebook users who described the advert as 'disgraceful', 'shocking' and 'ridiculous'.

Welsh Water has since issued an apology, and said that the advert - which was a one-off - formed part of a UK-wide campaign run by a separate organisation: