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'It's the thought will I ever take this baby home?' Mother speaks of fear of giving birth at scandal-hit hospital

Atlanta Williams is pregnant with her second child after her son Stiles was delivered stillborn

A woman who gave birth to her stillborn son at the scandal-hit maternity unit at Prince Charles Hospital has told ITV News she is "terrified" of having her second child.

It comes after serious failings were found in the care of pregnant women and newborn babies at Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board between 2016 and 2018. An external review published on Tuesday saw its maternity services placed into special measures.

Stiles was delivered stillborn on 26 June 2016 Credit: Atlanta Williams

Atlanta Williams, 20, delivered her son Stiles in June 2016 after what she described as a "textbook pregnancy".

After being sent home from hospital, Ms Williams said things started to go wrong.

I was really agitated. I couldn’t sleep, I was in so much pain.

And then about 4am I started shaking, I was pale and I was sweating.

I was violently sick and bringing blood up so my partner panicked and rung the labour ward at Prince Charles.

Their attitude was just really poor - they wouldn’t speak to him because he was panicking.

When I was on the phone I said I wanted to come back in and they said, ‘If you can speak you’re not in that much pain’

– Atlanta Williams

Atlanta returned to hospital and she was told her baby's heart rate was dropping.

I remember sleeping for the majority of my contractions. I was not moving at all.

It was a long time when he was in the birth canal and he kept coming out and going back in and they couldn’t get in the right position to push him out.

At this moment they kept checking him to check his heart rate - then it dipped - they called another midwife in to assist.

Three minutes later he was born with no sign of life at all.

– Atlanta Williams

While being treated for sepsis and being told Stiles had not survived, Atlanta said she spent the night on the labour ward where other women had given birth.

"I spent the night in the labour ward with Stiles in a cuddle cot next to me. You could hear other babies being born around you - and I was so disorientated I thought it was him crying."

Atlanta said she found the external review into maternity services

We had a pram ready for him we had all his clothes from 0-12 months.

All the bottles, the cot bed everything the whole room - the washing was done for him.

My grandparents came home and put everything in the room and closed the door so I didn’t have to come and face it.

– Atlanta Williams

Stiles' birth was not among those investigated by the external team reviewing maternity services at Cwm Taf health board.

But she said she still has many unanswered questions.

"I haven’t had answers, I haven’t had closure. If I had a perfect pregnancy, how can it go so wrong when I’m under their care?"

After reading Tuesday's report, Atlanta told ITV News it was "shocking".

"Obviously I know what my experiences were - they weren’t normal experiences of a normal labour. But to read other stories of other parents losing their children and that young mothers were dismissed, it was really shocking.. it was heartbreaking."

Atlanta is due to give birth to her second child in July

Atlanta is due to give birth on 1 July.

The birth still terrifies me.

Because I've been through it before - and I didn't take my baby home.

So it's the thought will I ever take this baby home?

– Atlanta Williams

In a statement, the health board said it is unable to comment on individual cases.

While we can’t provide details on individual cases, we understand losing a baby is a devastating experience and we sincerely sympathise with all those who have experienced such a sad loss. We understand the royal colleges report is likely to cause distress and anxiety for women and families. If anyone has any questions or concerns they can call our dedicated helpline on 08000 328999 between the hours of 9am-9pm weekdays and 9am and 5pm on weekends. You can also email CTHB_concerns@wales.nhs.ukanytime and we will arrange for someone to contact you directly.

– Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board spokesperson