Epic work blunder crosses a line as workers paint double yellows around parked cars

Blundering workers failed in their line of duty when painting double yellows on a road in Aberystwyth.

A mistake by council workers meant the botched lines were painted around parked cars after they failed to close the road.

The error has caused double trouble with multiple examples around the town.

Some of the double yellow lines are only a foot long as they are squeezed between parked cars.

Local hotel owner John Evans, said that locals “weren’t told it would happen".

"The first thing we knew was white lines appeared on the road. Now we know that's where the council wanted the lines to go, but we weren't told it would happen".

He added: "It's a complete farce".

Footage of a similar botch-job, filmed by local resident Steve Clark, has been circulating in recent weeks. The hilarious footage shows road markings painted around a parked car - only a mile away from the most recent council blunder.

Ceredigion Council said it was “installing road markings at over 200 locations county-wide”, but “due to vehicles disregarding notices not to park, this work has been compromised”.

It added the council would be completing work “as soon as possible” and “traffic orders will not be enforceable until the works are complete”.