Welsh Tory conference heckler Stuart Davies: 'I'm a loyal Conservative but Theresa May must go'

A party member who heckled Theresa May during her speech at the Welsh Conservative conference says he is a "loyal Conservative".

Stuart Davies, a member of Clwyd South Conservatives, interrupted the Prime Minister shouting:

"Why don't you resign? The National Convention don't want you, we don't want you!"

The Clwyd South Conservatives voted for a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister last week.

Stuart Davies was removed from the hall before the Prime Minister continued speaking.

Speaking to ITV Wales News, Mr Davies said he "believes Theresa May must go now".

He said it was not unfair to blame the Prime Minister specifically:

"From what I hear from MP friends of mine, she doesn't listen. She holds a meeting, she supposedly consults with them, and then she carries on doing what she wants to do".

He added: "I think I made my point and got my point across and I'm glad I did it".

Mr Davies acted as Boris Johnson’s agent when he fought Clwyd South at the 1997 general election. He insisted today's protest was "not about trying to get Johnson to replace May".

Describing that election battle, Mr Davies said: "I fought Clwyd South and Clwyd South fought back".

It comes after local elections in England saw the two main parties suffer losses after voters vented their anger over Brexit.

Responding to the interruption, Mrs May used her best Welsh skills to say: "And good afternoon!"