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Teenager saved from burning plane says he and his family are 'very lucky' to be alive

Credit: James Davies

A teenager saved from a burning plane after it crashed on the A40 near Abergavenny says he and his family are "very lucky people".

Jack Moore, 19, was flying in the plane with his sister Billie Manley, 16, and their pilot uncle Stuart Moore when the light aircraft hit overhead power cables.

The plane burst into flames when it attempted an emergency landing on the busy A40 but did not hit any passing cars.

The three plane passengers were treated for their injuries at the scene and then taken to Neville Hall Hospital. Aneurin Bevan University Health Board have confirmed to ITV News that all three have been discharged.

Pilot Stuart had taken off from Abergavenny Airfield in South Wales to fly to Old Trafford to see Cardiff City face Manchester United.

Credit: Jo Pocock

Absolutely unbelievable that me and my family have walked away from this, just want to say thank you to the passers by that helped us at the scene and also the emergency services.

Thanks everyone for the messages, really appreciate it not quite up to replying to everyone at the moment we are very lucky lucky people.

– Jack Moore
Credit: Twitter: @dog_gruff

Two men who were first on the scene at a light aircraft crash near Abergavenny described how the plane "burst into flames" in front of their eyes.

Daniel Nicholson and Joel Starr helped pull the pilot and passengers of the aircraft to safety following the crash on the A40 on Sunday 12 May.

The plane came from nowhere, and if it had been two seconds later it would have hit us. [It] literally burst into flames in front of me and it had landed upside down.

I screeched to a halt, and didn't hesitate - I could see there were people in there. I could see a young girl from my side, as there was no fire my side, and I knew I could get access.

She was terrified, screaming because she could see the fire. I initially tried to smash the front window of the plane but I couldn't. Then I noticed a crack in the back and began kicking it.

– Daniel Nicholson, rescuer

Gwent Police were called to the scene at 11am on Sunday as drivers were left stranded in the hard shoulder. The road was later reopened.