The Cardiff teenager using YouTube to help millions living with eating disorders

Lara's videos on YouTube have had millions of views Credit: ITV Wales

A teenager from Cardiff, who uses YouTube to share her experience with eating disorders, is reaching millions with her message.

At sixteen, Lara Rebecca developed an eating disorder which left her dangerously thin. She had anorexia, a condition which almost claimed her life.

"Your life revolves around eating as minimal as possible" Lara said.

"I developed tricks to convince my parents I was eating. I remember how terrified I was. I remember how alone I felt. I felt there was no one to speak to".

Lara developed an eating disorder at the age of 16 Credit: Lara Rebecca

Lara has now developed a healthier relationship with food and fitness. Her feeling of isolation has spurred her on to reach out to others online.

"Suffering an eating disorder can make you feel very isolated," she said.

"I try to acknowledge that you're not alone. There are others in a similar position to you. There's also the possibility and reality of recovery".

Lara has opened up about her experiences online Credit: Lara Rebecca

She hopes being honest about her journey will help break down the stigma around eating disorders and encourage more conversations on the issues.

And it's working - one of her videos on YouTube has now been viewed more than 7 million times.

"Sharing my story has obviously been very difficult" she said.

"But it comes full circle with the reaction and support I'm receiving and the individuals I'm helping. It makes it all worth it".