'The plane literally burst into flames in front of me': The plane crash heroes who rescued passengers

Credit: Jo Polcock

Two men who were first on the scene at a light aircraft crash near Abergavenny have described how the plane "burst into flames" in front of their eyes.

Daniel Nicholson and Joel Snarr helped pull the pilot and passengers of the aircraft to safety following the crash on the A40 on Sunday 12 May.

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Emergency services confirmed passersby helped pull those on the plane to safety.

The plane collided with overhead wiring and power lines. Credit: Twitter: @dog_gruff

46-year-old Daniel Nicholson said he had to smash the plane's window to help bring the pilot and two younger passengers to safety.

"The plane came from nowhere, and if it had been two seconds later it would have hit us. [It] literally burst into flames in front of me and it had landed upside down".

He added: "I screeched to a halt, and didn't hesitate - I could see there were people in there. I could see a young girl from my side, as there was no fire my side, and I knew I could get access".

"She was terrified, screaming because she could see the fire. I initially tried to smash the front window of the plane but I couldn't. Then I noticed a crack in the back and began kicking it".

Mr Nicholson described how the plane for "hotter and hotter".

Another man, Joel Snarr, helped bring the three to safety. The 35-year-old ex bomb sergeant was in the car with his wife when the aircraft came down.