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Chris Bryant MP calls for VAT to be scrapped from sunscreen after being treated for skin cancer

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Rhondda MP Chris Bryant has called on the UK Government to remove VAT from sunscreen to encourage more people to use it.

The Welsh MP was treated for skin cancer earlier this year after a melanoma was found on the back of his head.

Speaking in a House of Commons debate on the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission, Mr Bryant said removing value added tax would encourage more people to use sunscreen.

The debate came a year on from the death of former Labour MP Baroness Jowell from brain cancer.

The Welsh MP had a melanoma removed from the back of his head.

Mr Bryant said melanoma is one of the cancers that can "metastasise into the brain" either by travelling through a patient's blood or lymphatic system.

Speaking in the Commons, he said:

"I wonder if there isn't considerably more the Government could do to try to make sure that every child covers up in the sun. That more people use sunscreen, for instance by saying we will take VAT off all sunscreen that is more than SPF 30 or SPF 50".

He added: "And make sure that we have enough dermatologists in the country to check moles or other growths that people might have on their body".

Chris Bryant MP spoke to ITV Wales about what it was like being diagnosed with skin cancer.

The call came on the same day Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced a special "pink drink" would be rolled out across the NHS in England. The drink enables surgeons to precisely target brain tumours.

Responding to Chris Bryant MP, Mr Hancock said he "agrees with all that" and "protection from too much exposure to the sun is actually part of the prevention agenda in healthcare".

He added it was "an absolutely sensible thing to do".