'I needed a spotlight' Adrian Street: From Valleys boy to wrestling star

Credit: Adrian Street

The story of the iconic wrestling star Adrian Street has been made into a film.

He's been described as flamboyant, eccentric, enigmatic and extraordinary.

Street and his wife and manager Linda Credit: Adrian Street

He is the Valleys boy who transformed himself into one the most infamous people on the wrestling circuit in the 70s and 80s.

Street says he was determined not to follow his father down the mines.

Street was known for dressing up with peroxide pigtails and outlandish makeup - a look said to have inspired glam rock.

The documentary made by Pembrokeshire-born director Joann Randles tells Adrian Street's story with never before seen family footage and interviews with wrestling stars, colleagues, fans and the man himself.

Director Joann Randles interviews Street at his home in Florida Credit: Joann Randles

Randles chose Adrian Street because she wanted to tell a story that was unique and compelling.

In Adrian, Randles saw a young man who against all the odds pursued his dreams and paved the way for change.

'You May Be Pretty, But I am Beautiful: The Adrian Street Story' premieres at the Market Hall Cinema in his home town in Brynmawr on Thursday.