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Adder warning after woman bitten and hospitalised in Gower

Common Adders like this one can be found in long grass Credit: Siegfried Sammer/DPA/PA Images

A warning has been issued to watch out for snakes in Gower after a woman was hospitalised when she was bitten by a baby adder.

The snake was lying in longer rough grass by a beach car park and left two pin-prick-like puncture wounds on the woman's toe.

Despite initially feeling fine, the woman headed to Prince Phillip Hospital in Llanelli where she began vomiting uncontrollably, shaking and passing out.

The unnamed woman had a severe reaction to adder venom Credit: PA Images

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Llangennith where the woman had gone surfing with her partner.

She remains in hospital but doctors are said to be happy her inflammation is now under control.

A spokesperson for Rhossili Coastguard said people must be aware of the dangers of snakes in long grass.

People need to be aware it's the time of season for snakes. Be aware they are in long grass.

The best thing to do is stick to open areas and keep the children and dogs behind you rather than in front of you and to keep to public footpaths.

People should not be scared of snakes, they are only sunbathing, they are a wild animal and not something to be frightened of, or attacked.

– Rhossili Coastguard spokesperson

If you do get bitten by a snake, the NHS recommends you remain calm and don't panic, seek immediate medical attention, and try to remember the shape, size and colour of the snake.

Earlier this year, dog walkers were warned to be aware of the snakes in long grass.

The woman's husband, who did not want to be named, said it was an unfortunate incident but that people should not be afraid of the snakes.

At the moment they are everywhere, there are a lot around. It's just if you're unfortunate enough to get in the way of one.

The main thing is, if people do get bit, they need to urgently go to hospital. We don't want to vilify the adders and for people to be scared to go there. We should be happy they are there.

– Victim's husband