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Hundreds marched through Cardiff calling for justice for veterans who face prosecution

Hundreds are marching through Cardiff in support of veterans being prosecuted for historic offences in Northern Ireland

Hundreds gathered in Cardiff to show their support to veterans. Credit: ITV Wales

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The protest was planned to coincide with a demonstration by veterans across the UK.

Protestors walked and rode motorbikes from Sophia Gardens, along the front of the castle and ended up outside City Hall.

It comes after the introduction of a new law, which covers conflicts other than in Northern Ireland, would protect forces personnel from investigation over actions on the battlefield abroad after 10 years.

Last week Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt said that dealing with the treatment of Northern Ireland veterans was a “personal priority” for her and said that “this has dragged on for far too long and it is time for action.

Among those currently facing prosecution is a former soldier, known as Soldier F, who has been charged with the killing of two people during Bloody Sunday in Londonderry in 1972.

We owe it to those who take the greatest risk in the service of their nation.

We will always hold our Armed Forces and the chain of command to account but I want to ensure our service personnel are not going to be victims of unfounded allegations, as we saw in the case of IHAT (Iraq Historical Allegations Team) or pursued unfairly for events that took place decades ago.

This is a personal priority for me.

– Penny Mordaunt MP, Defence Secretary

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