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More men are being encouraged to take up nursing in new campaign

More men are being encouraged to take up nursing as a profession.

It comes as new figures show only twelve per cent of nurses in Wales are male.

Senior nurse Richard Desir has worked in Wales since 2007. Credit: PA
male nurses work in Wales - in a workforce of more than 32,000, according to the Welsh Government.

Senior nurse Richard Desir is heading a campaign to attract more and boost numbers.

We're actively missing out on a huge talent pool which can help support the care of patients.

We do have quite high concentrations of male nurses in certain parts of nursing such as mental health, critical care and the emergency departments.

It may be partly down to historic perspectives on nurses being a primarily female profession but males have a huge contribution to offer.

There's a number of reasons why we find it difficult to recruit individuals from black, Asian and minority ethnic population.

I think it's cultural, and we don don't actively promote the real benifits that nursing can offer.

– Richard Desir, senior nurse

We want to attract people who have been working in the nursing profession for years, as well as those who may be considering nursing for the first time.

And even those who may have already left the profession but would consider returning to practice here.

I'm keen that we use this flagship campaign to ensure that we have the healthcare workforce we need both now and for the future.

We want as many people as possible to see nursing as a rewarding and fulfilling career.

– Vaughn Gething, Health Minister