Dozens of needles and used condoms have been found at a children's football pitch in Cardiff.

An under 13's football club saw the discarded needles at Canal Park in the Butetown area on Saturday.

The Tiger Bay Juniors team said they have to clear the pitch before every game to ensure there are no sharp objects.

A post on their Facebook page said, "It looks like a den for heroin addicts... We have to clean it up and put ourselves in danger.

"It is really difficult when you are dealing with filthy needles. None of us have been trained in how to deal with needles, we don't even have the disposable yellow boxes for needles. Should we even be trained in how to deal with used needles?"

We have been a club for the last eight years but I'd say for the last five or six years we've had a lot more people come down and jack up on the pitch and behind the dug outs.

Ahmed Hassan, Tiger Bay Youth Development founder
Mr Hassan said the park gives a negative impression for away teams.

The away teams must think we are disgusting people when they leave the pitch.

Ahmed Hassan, Tiger Bay Youth Development founder

We are aware of reports of drug related litter in Canal Park and the area is cleaned regularly and any drug paraphernalia removed. If discarded needles are found we would ask people to report it to the council so they can be disposed of safely.

Cardiff Council spokesman