Urgent call for volunteer dog walkers for the elderly in Wales

Pippa enjoys regular walks thanks to a volunteer Credit: ITV Wales

A charity is urgently calling for volunteer dog walkers to come forward in Wales to help elderly pet owners.

Volunteers for The Cinnamon Trust walk dogs for the elderly, or those who have problems with mobility, to ensure their pets can get all the exercise they need.

Thelma bought Pippa after her husband died Credit: ITV Wales

Thelma Hubbard bought her dog Pippa after her husband died. She has been a companion and a friend.

Problems with her mobility mean she is no longer able to walk her as much as she wants to.

Thanks to Nia, a volunteer with the charity, Pippa is walked regularly.

Nia Huw is a volunteer dog walker for the charity Credit: ITV Wales

For Nia, meeting Thelma and getting to spend time with dogs makes it a worthwhile experience.

''It's just been a real pleasure getting to know people.'' she said.

''I'd love my own dog but can't have one so it's a really good compromise.''

To some it may seem insignificant but Thelma says the help of volunteers like Nia has changed her life.