People in Cardiff have the nicest neighbours in the whole of the UK, according to new findings out today

The study by Duette revealed the top 10 cities with the nicest neighbours - with Cardiff coming out on top.

Different cities were assessed on factors such as whether neighbours complained about noise, how often they helped with household chores and if they checked on their neighbour's homes while they were away on holiday.

The survey asked 2,400 people across the UK about how well they get on with their neighbours.

Here are the top 10 places with the nicest neighbours:

  • 1. Cardiff

  • 2. Manchester

  • 3. Gloucester

  • 4. Exeter

  • 5. Worcester

  • 6. Newcastle

  • 7. Truro

  • 8. Norwich

  • 9. Birmingham

  • 10. Leeds