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Wales' most capped player Jess Fishlock on inspiring the next generation

Wales' most capped women's player Jess Fishlock hopes to use her life experiences to inspire children when she eventually hangs up the boots.

Jess Fishlock with the Champions League trophy last weekend. Credit: PA

The 32-year-old has just won her second Champions League medal at the weekend.

In an exclusive interview with ITV Wales News before it, she said she wants to help Wales reach it's first ever major tournament.

Wales failed to qualify for this summer's World Cup, and now she's determined to give it one more go and play at Euro 2021.

I'll just go with how my body feels and if I can still do it at the highest level because there's so many people coming through.

Our Wales team now, we have so many good players, I'd have to make sure I can still perform for us at the level that is needed and I'm really aware of that.

Up to the Euros is what I'm fighting my body and my mind for.

– Jess Fishlock, Wales footballer

Her experiences growing up have ensured she wants to be a role model for the LGBT community and children.

School was a really hard time for me because I was going through my sexuality at the time.

I was living a life like a fake life.

I just didn't know what was gong on in any aspect of my life at that point.

But I was really lucky because I was playing football for Cardiff City Ladies.

It saved me 100% because they helped me navigate myself and who I wanted to be.

– Jess Fishlock, Wales footballer
Jess Fishlock is Wales' most capped player - with 113 appearances. Credit: PA

You have a voice and a platform and it would be selfish of me to not use it in the right way.

That is something I'm trying to do to create change alongside showing younger people and girls here that you can dream big and the impossible is possible.

– Jess Fishlock, Wales footballer

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