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Welsh politicians react to announcement Theresa May will resign in June

Theresa May made a tearful speech outside Downing Street Credit: PA

Welsh politicians have reacted to the announcement from Theresa May that she will resign as Conservative leader on June 7 after failing to deliver her Brexit deal.

Speaking outside Downing Street this morning, she outlined her plan to resign after facing increasing calls from within her own party and the opposition benches to step down.

The Prime Minister struggled to fight back the tears as she said it had been "the honour of my life" to serve "the country that I love".

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Mark Drakeford paid tribute to May's ''sense of public service.'' Credit: PA

First Minister Mark Drakeford paid tribute to Theresa May's ''sense of public service'' but said her red lines left the country ''in a mess of her making.''

I have never doubted the Prime Minister's sense of public service or her commitment to do her job, and I wish her well for the future.

It is however, her red lines that have brought her to the end of the road and left us in a mess of her own making. A conservative leadership contest is the last thing the country needs as we negotiate one of the biggest challenges and uncertainties our country has faced in decades.

The prospect of achieving an orderly Brexit - one that protects our economy and people's jobs - by the 31st of October now seems even less likely. A change of leader will change nothing, we desperately need a change of approach to Brexit based on compromise and a will to heal growing divisions in our country.

– First Minister Mark Drakeford AM

The Leader of the Conservatives in the Assembly, Paul Davies, thanked Theresa May for her "commitment to Wales" and called on the party to unite behind delivering Brexit.

I would like to thank the Prime Minister for her dedication and commitment to Wales over her many years in politics.

It is a tremendous achievement to be the country’s second female Prime Minister, who stepped into the job at a difficult time.

The party must now come together and deliver the Brexit that people voted for.

– Welsh Conservative Leader Paul Davies AM

Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price praised the Prime Minister's commitment.

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Meanwhile, Brexit Party Assembly Leader Mark Reckless accused Theresa May of lying.

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