Andrea Byrne on baby Jemima's first Father's Day with Lee

Credit: Andrea Byrne

Miss Jemima Hazel Rhona Byrne has, as I write, just reached 3 months in this world. And as Jemima grows, so does our relationship with her. She’s getting more alert and active by the day. It feels like we are embarking on an exciting few months of ‘firsts’.

We’ve already had our first smiles. Which came just in time to pose for her first passport photo. And with my first Mother’s Day already under my belt, it’s dad’s turn now to celebrate and Jemima is now able to babble her very own unique Father’s Day greeting to Lee, as she gifts him with another of her meltingly gorgeous grins!

Credit: Andrea Byrne

As she engages more and more with us everyday, instead of discovering new ways to stop her from crying, it’s more about finding how best to entertain her and teach her a little about her surroundings.

For me - the newsreader and journalist of two decades, writing headlines and chasing stories has given way to the likes of Monkey Music sessions and Baby Yoga classes! And it’s incredible that the thrill I get after a busy live news programme can be achieved in equal, if not greater, measure by watching my baby girl shake some mini maracas and ring a bell!

Credit: Andrea Byrne

Our activity programme has also included getting back in shape! After nine months of pregnancy and a couple of months of recovery from an emergency C-section, I have been cleared by the doctor for exercise and my body is relieved to be feeling some fitness vibes once again.

When the Merthyr Mawr sand dunes, with its notorious Big Dipper, are just down the road and your husband is ex-rugby international, it’s fair to say the training programme hasn’t started lightly!

Jemima adds some extra training weight Credit: Andrea Byrne

Schnauzers Hank, Marcy and Doug now have some new company on their hikes as Jemima is proving to be the perfect package to add some weight to a training session.

She has taken to the baby carrier (one of our best buys) like a kangaroo to a pouch and whilst we trek up and down, she takes the opportunity to be rocked to sleep for an afternoon siesta. Everyone’s a winner!

It’s fair to say that with her activity diary ever-expanding, so is her wardrobe. A little girl can’t go walking without a choice sun hats, of course, and a selection of leggings are a staple for even the tiniest of yogis! Next up, we’ll have to focus on a baby’s capsule holiday wardrobe, as she embarks on her first family trip abroad.

Yes, passport in tiny hand, she’ll be packing her bag and checking in for her first flight! And you can check in with my next column for my top tips on travelling with an infant under one! Wish us luck!