Seagull attacks force Royal Mail to stop delivering post

Residents and local businesses say they have seen an increase in seagull attacks in the past month Credit: PA Images

Residents in Cardiff have been told by the Royal Mail their post could stop being delivered after workers reported being attacked by seagulls.

People living on Farm Drive near Roath Park received a letter of apology from the Royal Mail saying deliveries may be affected because of the aggressive birds.

They received a letter on 13 June advising them of "complications" and that swooping seagulls were "affecting their ability to deliver" to residents.

"This purpose of this letter is to firstly advise you of the issues we are experiencing, and also to assure you that we will continue to attempt deliveries every day."

"This is one occasion affecting our ability to deliver to you and/or your neighbours safely."

This video shows circling seagulls in Penylan in Cardiff:

Seagulls are in nesting season for six months, starting from March until around September. Credit: PA Images

Seagulls are currently in nesting season, and can become extremely protective of their young if they feel their chicks are under threat.

They tend to nest high and the RSPB said it can be common to find a chick on the ground.

It advises an uninjured chick must be left where it is in the care of its own parents.

"If it is in danger, it can be moved a short distance to a safer place, but be wary that the parents may try to protect the chick and fly at you if you are near it."

Read more advice here.

The issue is also affecting businesses. The manager at Italian restaurant Carluccios in Cardiff Bay told ITV News they often have to replace food because of the seagull problem.

"Just yesterday we had to replace two steaks because seagulls had taken them off the customers plates.

"They are a big problem for us, they are getting more aggressive every year. We often have seagulls swooping down towards our customers plates to steal food. Recently they have become more aggressive due to nesting season."

Others have also shared their experience of being attacked by seagulls in the capital.