A six-year-old girl has made a miraculous recovery after being run over by a disqualified driver.

The family of Michalina Eslinger said she is "lucky to be alive" after the incident which saw her dragged under the car being driven by 28-year-old Ashley Evans.

Her dad Kristoph - who saw Evans drive away from the scene - said, "she has been so brave. We are so lucky she is here with us."

A judge said it was a "miracle that she was not killed" - and described the driver as "cowardly" for fleeing.

Ashley Evans fled the scene after the girl was pulled from under his car Credit: South Wales Police

CCTV footage showed how she had fallen off her scooter while playing outside when Ashley Evans sped around the corner.

She became trapped under the wheels until passers by were able to lift the car off her.

During a trial, the court heard how Evans, 28, drove off, sped away from the scene not knowing if she was alive or dead.

He had 37 previous offences on his criminal record including three for dangerous driving and six for driving while disqualified.

Evans was jailed for three years at Cardiff Crown Court after pleading guilty to causing serious injury while driving while disqualified, driving without insurance, driving while disqualified and failing to stop.

Michalina's father added: "Our anger with Ashley Evans is passing. We are only sorry that his evil decision has caused so much hurt to our family and his own."

Just eight weeks after the incident, which saw her break several bones including her pelvis, thighs and collar bone, Michalina is looking forward to returning to school.

Her father said: "It has been hard for Michalina to miss school because she really loves to go.

"Her legs are still very weak she can stand but only for a short time.

"In her thighs she has pins and screws and we are just waiting to see how well she recovers long term.

"I still can't understand how this happened and I cry with relief when I think about what Michalina went through and how lucky we are she survived."