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Beautiful images capture glowing plankton lighting up Welsh coastline

This is the captured sighting of the glowing plankton this year Credit: Kris Williams Photography

Bioluminescent plankton which produce a blue ‘glow’ when the waters are disturbed were photographed off the coast of Beaumaris on Anglesey early Tuesday morning by photographer Kris Williams.

The plankton much like other bioluminescent creatures have a defence mechanism to disturbance or vibrations which causes them to light up in the right conditions.

Plankton can pass on their bioluminescent abilities to other sea creatures that ingest them. Credit: Kris Williams Photography

Glowing plankton are a bit of a rarity to Wales as they are usually found lighting up warmer waters like in Puerto Rico and Taiwan, but with recent warmer weather, these tiny organisms have found their summer solace in Wales.

Kris captured some footage of his interaction with the plankton around this time last summer, and the outcome was magical.

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