A Cardiff woman's made a fresh appeal for help to be reunited with her abducted daughter.

Gosia Szymanowicz says she hasn't spoken to her daughter Talia since last November, and is worried for her safety.

Talia, who's now 7, was abducted by her father, Maher Belaid, in 2012, and taken to Libya. Ms Symanowicz says she hasn't seen her since.

When I had Talia, that was my dream. And when I lost her, I lost all my life. Nothing was important to me. I have to fight so she will be back with me. She's my only child and I can't be without her.

Gosia Szymanowicz

This week, Prime Minister Theresa May promised she'd 'look into' Talia's case, after a question in parliament by Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens.

In a statement, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that, as the UK has 'no consular presence in Libya due to the current situation in the country', it was unable to provide assistance.

Gosia Szymanowicz says she hasn't spoken to Talia since last November Credit: ITV Cymru Wa;es

In 2014, Maher Belaid was jailed for six and a half years for child abduction.

A court heard how he'd kidnapped Talia after his marriage to Ms Szymanowicz had broken down, later telling her he was 'teaching her a lesson.'

He took her to Heathrow, where the pair took a flight to Libya. Since 2012, Talia's been living with her grandmother in Triploi, the Libyan capital.

The diplomatic channels are very, very difficult. But there are other countries that have good relations with Libya. So I want the Prime Minister to be talking to the leaders of those countries, and for our diplomats to working with diplomats from those countries to put pressure on the Libyan government to do something.

Jo Stevens MP - Labour, Cardiff Central

At a recent High Court hearing, Ms Symanowicz was advised to consider visiting North Africa to retrieve Talia.

The Foreign Office continues to advise against all travel to Libya.