There is growing concern that gambling promotions are targeting children and young people in Wales.

A study has found that around 66% of 11 to 16-year-olds have been exposed to gambling adverts, while 2% in the same age group are identified as "problem gamblers".

Charities are stepping up their warnings of the dangers of gambling and want to raise awareness of how young people are often exposed to a number or promotions in the mass media, without realising.

Just this week, the first treatment centre specifically for children with gambling addictions is to be opened in England in response to growing numbers of youngsters who have problems.

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Most sporting events, big and small, can attract bet Credit: PA Images

There’s increasing evidence that young people are being targeted by gambling adverts and embedded promotions in their wider everyday activities such as gaming and sports. It’s important that young people are able to develop resilience to these pernicious messages.

Dr Gareth Roderique-Davies, Associate Professor at the University of South Wales
Young people are being exposed to gambling promotions through a range of platforms Credit: ITV Wales News

To help tackle the issue the first ever Welsh Youth Forum on Gambling has been held in Cardiff.

Organisers of the event the Living Room, Beat the Odds Initiative, Royal College of Psychiatrists Wales and the University of South Wales are already part of The National Assembly’s Cross-Party Group on problem gambling.

If you need help and support please visit BeGambleAware