New tram network revealed in Cardiff Council's ambitious £1bn plans to transform transport in the capital

Credit: Cardiff Council/artist impression

Cardiff Council has revealed ambitious plans for a £1bn upgrade to its transport network across the capital.

The "game-changing vision", which includes a new "cross rail" tram network has been designed to cut congestion and improve air quality, the leader of the council announced.

Cllr Huw Thomas, said that "urgent investment is needed" warning the city will "grind to a halt" if changes are not made.

The proposed Cross Rail tram network has been published Credit: Cardiff Council
  • What is being proposed?

The plans include a Cardiff Cross Rail, a new light rail/tram line from east to west Cardiff and a joined up line linking "large residential areas" to the transport network.

The council also announced new "safe cycleways" and an integrated ticketing system which will allow people to "move seamlessly from one transport mode to another" and making Cardiff a "20mph city".

Safe cycleways in the city centre are among the plans Credit: Cardiff Council/Artist impression

Cllr Thomas said: “Cardiff’s transport network needs to change. It was originally designed for a city with a population of 200,000, but today our population is closer to 400,000 and there are another 80,000 commuters travelling into the city by car every day."

He added the new plans will "transform the way people move around" the city by 2030.

Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport,Cllr Caro Wild, said: “Get transport right and it’s a game changer. It adds real impetus to a city’s economic development agenda. It helps tackle inequality by better connecting people with opportunity. It improves quality of life and provides a visible pointer to the city’s environmental credentials.

Plans on how the £1bn proposal will be paid for have not yet been revealed.

Rental bikes would be free for under 18s Credit: PA Images
  • The plans in detail:

  • A light rail/tram line that connects central Cardiff with major population centres to the east and west. It will include a new station at Rover Way/Newport Road, via the docks, Lloyd George Avenue and the City

  • Line to the northwest of Cardiff and into Rhondda Cynon Taff

  • A "complete light rail or tram Circle Line" around Cardiff which connects the Coryton line to the Taff Vale line north of Radyr

  • Establish a network of "bus priority corridors" that link Park and Rides around the city for faster routes into and across Cardiff

  • New and/or improved bus and bus-rail interchange stations across the city to allow easy change from one mode to another

  • Free school bus travel for students 18 and under and discounted bus fares for job seekers

  • Making neighbourhoods ‘active travel zones’ through schemes which give walking and cycling greater priority over cars

  • Nextbike hubs at secondary schools and recreational facilities with free travel on nextbike for under 18s

  • Redesigning road junctions and traffic light prioritisationto give more time to pedestrians and cyclists

  • Making Cardiff a 20mph city

In response to the plans, campaigners Rail Future Wales said the scheme appears to be "aspirational rather than proposed."