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Rhondda-born actor Glyn Houston dies age 93

Actor Glyn Houston has appeared with many of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Credit: Dean Powell

After a career of almost 70 years, the actor Glyn Houston has died.

He appeared in more than 80 films and also worked in radio and theatre before becoming a television star in the 1960s.

The Rhondda-born actor was the first on-screen lover of Joan Collins in Turn The Key Softly in 1956.

He was the younger brother of film star Donald Houston and was a close friend of fellow Welsh actors Richard Burton and Stanley Baker.

Glyn was the recipient of the BAFTA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. Credit: Dean Powell

Dean Powell co-wrote Glyn Houston's autobiography. He said he was a "true gentleman".

He was kind, generous and an incredibly funny man who was a pleasure to know for over twenty years.

He enjoyed his career and was proud of his achievements and although I think he genuinely wanted to be a comic more than an actor, his vast quantity of work will remain a great legacy to the man and his natural talent.

Glyn enjoyed life, his family and his hobbies and didn’t let work get in the way of that. He always had time to speak to you, showed a genuine interest in other people’s lives.

Although he left the South Wales valleys seven decades ago, he had all of the great qualities of a working-class Welshman at heart.

– Dean Powell
Glyn was the first on-screen lover of Joan Collins. Credit: Dean Powell

Glyn Houston appeared in Betrayed with Clark Gable and the famous John and Hayley Mills film, Tiger Bay, set in the docklands of Cardiff.

He was also in Inspector Morse and Doctor Who.

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Glyn Houston died on 30th June 2019. He leaves two daughters, two grandchildren and a great-grandchild.