The Great Corgi Comeback: The Queen's favourite dog breed no longer 'at risk'

Credit: ITV Wales

There has been a surge in popularity of the Queen's favourite dog breed.

According to the Kennel Club, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi have risen in popularity by 25%.

Corgis have been part of the Royal household for decades. Credit: PA

Corgi popularity can be traced alongside the Queen’s reign. In 1944, the Queen’s first Pembroke Corgi, Susan, was born. This led to the breed's popularity increasing by 56%.

Seven years after the Queen's coronation, nearly 9,000 corgi puppies were registered.

Corgi puppies being carried as the Queen arrives at Heathrow Airport, 1981. Credit: PA

The breed came off the ‘at watch list’ for the first time in nearly ten years in 2018. This was after it featured in the popular Netflix series, The Crown.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is still listed as 'vulnerable' but both types of corgis have become more popular in recent months - after the announcement of the new animated film The Queen's Corgi.

The film starring Dame Julie Walters, Sheridan Smith and Jack Whitehall, is about a dog which gets lost from the palace and has to find his way home.

The Queen's Corgi is starring Dame Julie Walters. Credit: nWave Pictures

The corgi personality is known for being affectionate, intelligent and playful.

The UK Corgi Club said the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed love being "part of the family".

Royal corgis were said to eat gourmet meals, according to Brian Hoey in the book 'Pets by Royal Appointment'. Credit: British Pathe

Mary Davies, a corgi breeder from Ammanford, said while she welcomes the rise in popularity, she does not want people to buy corgis on a whim, as this could lead to them ending up in rescue centres.

Mary Davies was given her first corgi at the age of 10. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales
Corgis are growing in popularity. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Corgis for sale in the UK usually cost up to £1000, according to the Kennel Club.