Extinction Rebellion climate protest continues to close city centre roads in Cardiff

Credit: ITV Wales

Climate activists are continuing to block a major road in Cardiff as part of a protest.

Castle Street and Duke Street have been closed since early yesterday morning and motorists have been advised to take alternative routes through the city.

The protest has been organised by the group 'Extinction Rebellion'.

It's part of their 'Summer Uprising', which will involve other protests in Glasgow, Bristol and London. They are campaigning for more action on climate change.

There is disruption to bus services.

Campaigners gathered yesterday outside the National Museum dressed in yellow. Extinction Rebellion say it is to represent dead canaries in order to reflect the words of Irish President Michael D Higgins, "If we were coal miners we'd be up to our knees in dead canaries".

The group said, "Hundreds are prepared to block cities all week if local councils refuse to meet our demands".

Extinction Rebellion Wales said it is demanding the Welsh Government to "dramatically accelerate its actions in tackling the climate crisis and ecological emergency".

In April, the Welsh Government declared a 'Climate Emergency' and in May it announced plans to cut greenhouse emissions to 'net-zero' before 2050.

To me this is an issue about my children’s future but also about equality, it is always the poorest people who suffer most from climate related disasters. I want the government to do something about it now, not wait for more disasters and more people to suffer.

Staci Sylvan, Extinction Rebellion Wales

Commenting on the protest, South Wales Central AM, Andrew RT Davies implored the activists to "do the right thing" and end the disruption.

Tackling climate change is a hugely important issue and one which the majority of the public is fully behind. However, the one sure way to lose hearts and minds in such a battle is to disrupt hardworking people on their morning commute, which is what’s happened in Cardiff today.

Andrew RT Davies

In May, Environment Minister Leslie Griffiths AM said, "tackling climate change is not an issue which can be left to individuals or to the free market".

It requires collective action and the government has a central role to making that collective action possible. No nation in the world has yet fully grasped this challenge but just as Wales played a leading role in the first industrial revolution, I believe Wales can provide an example to others of what it means to achieve environmental growth.

Environment Minister Leslie Griffiths AM