If you're a dog lover then you'll know the huge value they can bring to your life. And it's that sentiment that's being noted by pupils at the Bishop of Llandaff High School in Cardiff.

They've just welcomed a new member of staff - Georgie - a labrador puppy who's only a couple of months old.

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Assistant Head Joanna Thomas has a special responsibility for Georgie - taking her home at the end of the day.

We've got an increasing numbers of students coming into the school who have maybe anxiety issues, or some mental health problems, and sometimes just children need to come into school and reduce their anxiety.

Joanna Thomas, Assistant Headteacher, Bishop of Llandaff High School
Georgie takes a nap!

Georgie's already having a positive impact. But the school say they're looking after her welfare too.

She's being carefully introduced to different groups of pupils, and gets plenty of time to rest too!