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Fishlock's Choice: The pigeon post that led to a family fortune

Trevor Fishlock hears how this dovecote played a vital role in one family's fortunes. Photo: ITV Cymru Wales

The third series of Fishlock's Choice continues on ITV Cymru Wales tonight.

In episode three, Trevor Fishlock visits the Welsh mining village that claims to be the birthplace of St Patrick.

When he was a child, writer George Brinley Evans discovered the legend that St Patrick had been born in his village. George, now his 90s and a keen local historian, helps organise an event every year to mark the birth of the patron saint of Ireland.

Trevor Fishlock talks to George and his colleague Tom Marston who has researched the story of how Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and taken to Ireland.

Trevor also walks through the Carmarthenshire countryside to hear of fascinating links to America. Could the first sparrow to ever settle in the USA really have come from Ammanford?

In addition, we hear the story of two Welsh nephews who used pigeon post to bring the news of victory at Waterloo and helped make a killing at the stock exchange:

Watch Fishlock’s Choice tonight at 22:40 on ITV Cymru Wales, or catch up on the ITV Wales programmes page.

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