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Aberystwyth scientists in 'breakthrough' for worldwide fight against bovine TB

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A traditional skin test for Bovine TB (bTB) shows a positive result for cows that have the disease as well as those that have been vaccinated against it.

That means vaccination is banned in the EU and the USA.

Now scientists at Aberystwyth working with others in Africa and Europe, have developed a test that can tell the difference. The next stage is to try it out in field trials.

Credit: Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment

We have worked for over 20 years on developing vaccines and diagnostic tests for bovine tuberculosis. It would wonderful if either of these tests succeeds in bringing about significant improvements in the control of bovine TB globally.

Such a development would represent the culmination of a great deal of work by dedicated and talented scientists from around the world, and a significant step forward in our efforts to control this disease.

– Prof. Glyn Hewinson, Aberystwyth University