Boy, eight, with rare lung condition plays rugby with oxygen tank on his back

Riley Davies at his rugby club in Maesteg Credit: Mike Griffiths/ITV News

Plenty of eight year old boys enjoy the rough and tumble of rugby.

But Riley Davies is one special player.

Because of a rare lung condition, he has to have his oxygen supply strapped to his back at all times.

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Riley was born with interstitial lung disease, a condition that was diagnosed when he was eight months old.

Without his tank, he wouldn't have enough oxygen for his body to survive.

As a parent, you think that you'll outlive your child. And then to be told that then, it's like someone taking his life away from you.

We take day by day. Anyone with a life limited child will know, it's a day by day challenge.

– KAT BANCROFT, Riley's mother
Riley's a popular member of the club, and trains weekly

But Riley's family want him to have every experience he can.

They brought him to his local rugby club in Maesteg to join his friends, and are delighted by the warm welcome he's had.

He trains with his touch rugby team weekly, and loves competing in matches.

Riley has plenty of friends at his club

Riley's family say the support and friendship from his fellow players has been superb.

Riley's just Riley. You don't see the tubes, you don't see the bag when he's playing. When you see him play a game... it's just incredible. And it's down to the boys that he practices with.

– KAT BANCROFT, Riley's mother
Riley's mother Kat cheers him on every week

Riley's determined to keep playing with every bit of energy he can manage.

He's got the support of his family and everyone at the club to help him do that.